Sunaga 't Experience

2009.04.04 00:40 from 분류없음

[Istonichcoff (Theme From T.R.A.P)]
[COБAKA (Crouka)]
[It' You]


[Intro From Organ b. SUITE]
[Influencia Do Jazz /Sirius B]
[Zoi Zoi /George Jouvin]
[Into The Dark (Deep House Remix by La Malic) /Marc Moulin]
[Life Can Be Sweet /Smoke City]

-Organ B. SUITE No.1-


[Music Console]
[And It All Goes Round And Round]
[Double Standard]
[No Reason No Rhyme]
[You'll Never Dance Alone]


이 세계의 모든 음악을 사랑하는 이들에게 바치는, Sunaga 't Experience의 음반 중 SOUNDESIGNER가 엄선한 Best Collections. 

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